upgrading cpu and memory

  manxbhoy 21:00 13 May 08

hi guys, hardly use the desktop a lot nowadays but as a project id like to try upgrading its cpu and memory.
it has a jetway mobo, with 1ghz duron and 256mb of sdram pc100 or pc133, no sure which. its powered by 350watt psu, and has various peripherals eg pci ati radeon graphics card etc. the bios is may 2002 which is final release. the mobo though made by jetway, has a SIS 730 chipset with bus clock rated at 100mhz.
The mobo manual says it can be upgraded to athlon?
any advice would be appreciated as i like a challenge. whats the most up to date socket A processor and memory i could use. thanks again

  brundle 22:44 13 May 08

Get the precise model number(s) with Everest click here, check Jetway site for compatible CPUs.

  Totally-braindead 10:25 14 May 08

Whatever you upgraded the processor to it would have to be second hand as I believe they no longer make socket A processors.
To be honest if it cost more than £20 to do a reasonable upgrade then as far as I am concerned its like flushing your money down the toilet. Its just not worth it. In my opinion.

  keef66 10:55 14 May 08

I'd forget it. You'll only find a suitable cpu on E-bay, probably used. Memory will be hideously expensive, and you'll end up with a pc that's still very slow by today's standards.

If you want a project, build a budget pc from scratch, a motherboard bundle, or a barebones kit.

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