Upgrading advent 7082

  queenobscene 03:12 14 Aug 06

i want to upgrade my ram on my advent 7082 laptop at the minute it has 512mb ddr-ram. to go up to 1gb do i have to buy two 512mb? and would any one know what type of ram i need for this laptop?

  VoG II 07:17 14 Aug 06

Go to click here and use the Crucial Memory Advisor™ Tool.

  queenobscene 10:28 14 Aug 06

it doesnt have my model.

  Ashrich 23:30 14 Aug 06

It takes DDR333 ( PC2700 ) Sodimms , get Samsung if you can , they seem to have the least compatibity problems .


  queenobscene 23:37 14 Aug 06

right thank you.
if i want to go to 1gb do i buy just one 1gb ram or two 512mb?


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