helmetshine 17:12 19 Jul 03

I'm looking to upgrade my cpu,m/board and memory.Sadly i can't afford all 3 at the moment.My present set up is Asus7v333 rev1.???,pc2100 (512),and an athlon xp 2600+ 133fsb,with a Radeon 9800 pro running windowsxp home.I've been recommended by a friend who builds his own pc's to go for a Abit nf7-s vers2,with 512 of corsair twinx 3700 memory.I will,at a later date upgrade the cpu as well.Would this give me a reasonable boost in performance or should i look to upgrade m/board and processor first.Any advice would be most welcome.Hope i've given enough details for you to help

  Totally-braindead 17:27 19 Jul 03

Looking at your setup I'd wait for a while, at least until you have the money to upgrade the lot. You present system is much better than what I have at present, an Athlon 1600+ with 512mb PC2100 and a Radeon 9000 running Win98se and my system does everything I want and runs all the latest games. Remember that new items come out all the time, faster memory, faster CPUs etc and as they do the price drops for the older components. Unless there is something you desperate to do that you present system won't do then why not wait a bit and see what the manufacturers dream up.

  clayton 17:31 19 Jul 03

with that specification pc i doubt you would notice much diference, save your money & wait for the Athlon 64 to come out in september.

  helmetshine 21:01 19 Jul 03

Thanks Totally-braindead and clayton,makes sense what your saying....it does do all i want at the moment so i probably will be better off waiting a bit,and in a few months should have the money to do it all in one go.Thanks again for your help

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