upgrading ?

  HOLLIE 18:30 09 May 03

i have a pentium111 700mhz how do i upgrade to 1gb+ also is it easy to do, which is the most suitable to use etc

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:41 09 May 03

To be truthful upgrading to 1Ghz or even 1.6Ghz will be a waste of money. There will be no appreciable difference. You would be better getting more RAM as it is fairly cheap at present. I use 350Mhz and 2Ghz computers. when using Photoshop and DTP there is little difference in speed.


  Ironman556 18:55 09 May 03

An extra 300 MHz processing power won't make that much difference. I agree with GANDALF <|:-)>, putting another 256mb RAM in my PC was the best thing I could have done to speed it up. Crashes & the PC grinding to a halt have almost vanished. You'd also have to check what your motherboard will support. I have 500mhz PIII in mine, and the maximum it'll take is a 650 MHz. I'm looking to build a new PC because upgrading CPU would mean upgrading motherboard, RAM etc, and would be more expensive than it's worth.

  HOLLIE 19:06 09 May 03

how much amount of ram would you recommend? not sure how much i have so how do icheck this

  geb 19:55 09 May 03

is your o/s win98? if so go to, settings,control panel,double click on systems icon, then click on performance tab,your ram is listed under memory.


  HOLLIE 21:30 09 May 03

i have 127mb of ram how do i increase this

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:42 09 May 03

click here and follow the instructions. Crucial will then tell you how much RAM you can have with your motherboard. You already have 128Mb and most MBs can stand up to 512Mb or more. Fitting the RAM is double easy. Check out your computer and post back before you order.


  Elrond 21:46 09 May 03

Ditto GANDALF<|:-)>'s suggestion. Crucial are the best. I've just had some more RAM from them. Free shipping and Guaranteed special delivery. The RAM chips come with a fitting guide also

  HOLLIE 22:03 09 May 03

how will does this help make it faster?

  Elrond 22:06 09 May 03

When you run programs and things they get stored in RAM, so the more you have the faster things are

  carlos 22:07 09 May 03

Got a 600MHz Athlon and 500Mb RAM..thinking about upgrading CPU to 1GHz. Worth it? (Mobo will only go that far).Thanks

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