Declanworld 14:43 05 Feb 06

I'm thinking of getting one of those motherboard/processor/RAM upgrade packages. Any hidden hazards involved in this e.g. will the motherboard fit my tower, will my components be compatible?

I have a Dell Dimension 4100.

  bremner 14:52 05 Feb 06

One problem that will arise is the power supply. The one that is currently in the machine is unlikely to be powerful enough.

Unfortuanately Dell have been known to fit non standard (physical) size PSU's to their machines. You may find a standard purchase may not fit so beware.

  bremner 14:54 05 Feb 06

In fact a quick Google found this click here

  jack 17:14 05 Feb 06

Because of the many'DEll's own' features a rebuild use such a machine as a baseis not likely to succeed.
Live with what you have or start afresh

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