upgraded scanner driver; where install?

  Baslla321 12:37 25 Oct 04

My scanner Compeye simplex 1236c, was used on Win 98 PC. I plugged the scanner on my XP pro but was told to upgrade by a driver for XP as its not compatable. I have this driver now but when I istalled it on XP I was told error something, besides being warned that if I install it, my computer can be harmed because it was not known by Microsoft.How can I make the XP Wizard find this updated driver? Where does it install? I am confused on this one.

  Diemmess 13:14 25 Oct 04

If you can find (in Device Manager) a yellow exclamation mark alongside a scanner you can right click and "update driver" Then direct the process to where your scanner driver download is saved.

The warning from Microsoft often pops up just because Micrsoft didn't write the code! You have no need to worry if you downloaded from the maker's site.

  PsiFox 13:16 25 Oct 04

The warning message you received is a standard message for drivers that have not undergone the Microsoft approval route.

There should be no problem using them(however create a restore point first).

Make sure the scanner is unplugged then install the drivers clicking continue when you get the warning. After the install is finished plug in the scanner. This assumes it is usb, if it is parellel connect the scanner first and clicj cancel when the device is detected. Then run the driver install.


  Baslla321 13:23 25 Oct 04

OK Thank you. I will try it. Yes it is on USB.

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