Upgraded memory

  Ms_Dial 19:57 25 Jun 03

Today I upgraded my 32MB memory by installing a 128MB card, thus increasing it to 160MB overall. My question is this, besides faster surfing speeds, are there other improvements I should be seeing? Second question - when I check on my system info through Norton it says 59% memory utilized if I go to system info through Win98 it says 84% resources free. Which is accurate?

  Gaz 25 20:01 25 Jun 03

Windows probably.

Norton is hogging when you have it open anyway.

More memory allows more programs to be open too.,

memory and resources are two seperate things, you should see an overall improvement in the speed of your system provided your L1 cache can address that much memory. some old chipsets will not support that much memory, some will but the system may slow down

  keith-236785 20:05 25 Jun 03

when you are running short of memory the computer used the hard drive (virtual memory), more memory means less waiting for the hard drive, so it is faster.

  Ms_Dial 20:16 25 Jun 03

Actually mine can support 256MB, but I wanted to see what, if any, improvement I would receive before purchasing 2 cards. At this rate, I will definitely install another 128MB. So far the surfing speed has really jumped and drag between programs is nonexistent!

Thanks for the quick responses.

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