Upgrade XP Home > XP Pro

  AdeJ 13:19 01 Nov 06

I need to be able to remote desktop my main PC from my laptop (both XP Home) and there seems to be mixed ideas across the web (and here!) as to whether you can do a straight upgrade over the top - anyone had any success doing that?

Many thanks..

  anskyber 13:34 01 Nov 06

I have not but I understand it can be upgraded by overwrite. click here

  AdeJ 18:48 01 Nov 06

Thanks - I've read mixed answers on the web hence wondered if anyone had any experience of it..

  AdeJ 11:33 24 Jan 07

Just to close off - absolute disaster, too many files it couldnt find etc etc and now having to a format and virgin install to get Windows working again..

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