Upgrade to XP - DVD drive refuses to eject CD

  vinnielo 02:27 30 Apr 03

Since my upgrade from ME to XP, I've found that my DVD-Drive no longer ejects CDs when I press the open/close button on the actual drive. When I try to do that, the CD will slow down, as if to prepare to eject, but then speeds up again.

I've found the only way to eject it is to via My Computer (right click on drive and eject).

I've tried reinstalling the drivers, but by deleting the drivers and then letting XP find the drivers. I've been told unplugging the DVD-drive will help reinstall the drivers from XP's own driver database. Is there any truth in this?

My CD-RW seems to be unaffected.

  hugh-265156 02:30 30 Apr 03

go into device manager and select the drive.right click and remove or uninstall restart and windows will reinstall with the correct drivers.

  vinnielo 02:36 30 Apr 03

Does restarting make all the difference?
I got the drivers reinstalled by manually adding new hardware and getting windows to search for it.

  hugh-265156 02:44 30 Apr 03

some programs require a restart and will tell you so.no after installing manually you dont need to restart but if you remove the drive in device manager then when you restart it will reinstall and windows will select the drivers.xp might have drivers for the dvd try it without having the disc in and see if the drivers it selects work instead of of the disc.

  hugh-265156 02:45 30 Apr 03

oh got ya now you are using windows drivers yeah?

  hugh-265156 02:47 30 Apr 03

does it do this with every disc?

  vinnielo 02:52 30 Apr 03

Yeah, every disc.

They're not strictly Windows drivers.
When I remove them, I think the drivers are simply unlinked from the device. When Windows spots them again, it just locates the drivers.

I want Windows to go into its own database to find my drivers.

I could just delete them, but I fear they may be shared by my CDRW.

  hugh-265156 02:54 30 Apr 03

ok do as ive said above go to device manager and uninstall make sure that there is no disc in the drive and restart.see what happens.will be here for a while yet.

  hugh-265156 02:58 30 Apr 03

you can also click update driver then click let me choose the driver to install and just select one from the list available.worth a try.

  vinnielo 02:59 30 Apr 03

I'll do it tomorrow! :)


  hugh-265156 02:59 30 Apr 03

good luck

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