Upgrade Windows XP Pro with pre SP2 Disc

  Modo 19:13 01 Dec 04

I am posting this for general reference - apologies if I'm repeating or preaching to the converted.

This has been causing a few problems. If you have an upgrade disc that pre dates SP2 you will get a message telling you that you "can't upgrade a newer operating system".

After much attention but not much sense from MS support I was given a link to a non MS site thast detailed overcoming the problem in 2000 Pro!!!

Thanks to someone on one of the Medion threads I thorouhly recommend

click here

It took less than hour. The only two slight changes I needed to make were

1. the crucial Windows XP SP2 file - from either disc or download - probably needs renaming after transfer to the C root to add its file extension i.e. xpsp2 to xpsp2.exe

This took me 10 minutes to spot!!!

2. Nero 6 looks for .ima not .img files so a manual browse is required.

  leo49 20:49 01 Dec 04

Or let AutoStreamer do it for you.......

click here

  Modo 21:40 01 Dec 04

Great, let's hear some feedback from those who use it.

It would have saved me an hour - or about 6 if I'd followed MS supports polite - but dodgy advice- experts exchange gets nowhere with this issue.

  leo49 21:53 01 Dec 04

Loads of folk used Autostreamer to slipstream when SP2 surfaced - and before that we slipstreamed SP1 into the original disc. I'm surprised you haven't come across it as it's pretty common knowledge on the web.

  Modo 22:04 01 Dec 04

As I said

apologies if I'm repeating or preaching to the converted.

MS support got me nowhere fast.

It doesn't google well either.

I obviously came in late for a change.

  powerless 22:14 01 Dec 04


  temp003 02:03 02 Dec 04

Autostreamer works perfectly, but for some people, doing it the manual way (and the tedious way) may still be the fun (read masochistic) part of it. It also lets you understand the process a bit better.

Anyway, I'm sure there are many who will find this thread useful. No need for apologies.

  TomJerry 10:29 02 Dec 04

Autostreamer is good (great work, Powerless), but there is something better

xpcreate: XP Distribution CD Creator with Hotfix Slipstreaming click here

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