Upgrade to windows 8 from windows XP

  DAKAR 28 May 13

Hi All I am thinking of upgrading to windows 8 and would like some help,my pc is about 6 years old and starting to run slow,and I believe support will be stopping in 2014 Is it worthwhile financially in upgrading or buying a new machine,my pc is in good condition and would be a shame to dump it. I have seen on Amazon windows 8 upgrade for around £50.00 and more for windows 8 pro. For someone only using the pc at home for normal home computer use, is it worth getting Pro? Will I need to buy a bigger hard drive ,more memory ,etc. My Xp has 144 Gb hard drive,and 1.5 Gb of ram,or any other add ons to get the system up. Your help is much appreciated Regards Dakar

  rdave13 28 May 13

I'd run the upgrade tool first, here, and run it without buying Win 8. It will give you the info. Pro upgrade is £49 from Amazon but you might find it cheaper elswhere. I'm running Win 8 32-bit on an old laptop that has a 1.7 Ghz CPU and 2 Gig ram so you'd need to get more ram I think. Also check if your XP version is running 32 or 64 bit as you'll need the same version of Win 8.

XP bit version.

  DAKAR 28 May 13

Hi rdave13 Thanks for that, I will run the upgrade tool,and hopefully get back to you as I am no computer expert for more advice. Thanks Kind regards Dakar

  onthelimit1 29 May 13

Jock1e - I've set up a couple of those for locals, and they're very pleased with them.

  rdave13 29 May 13

I go with Jock1e's recommendation of buying a cheap new PC tower for longevity. Use the old one for backup, just use Ccleaner on it. It mighht speed it up a little.


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