Upgrade question.

  User-1159794 19:25 26 Nov 07

At the moment my planned upgrade is a 8800gts graphics card,but as I think that I can afford a CPU upgrade,I am wondering what would be best.

My mobo is Asus A8N32-SLI DELUXE. (939)
My CPU is an Athlon 64 4000.

Thanks in advance.

  Totally-braindead 19:32 26 Nov 07

I wouldn't bother with a CPU upgrade.

I have a 3500+ on a ASUS A8NSLI motherboard and the best 939 chip I can find is a 4400 dual core and to my way of thinking its not a big enough jump. And its expensive. For not much more I can get a motherboard bundle AM2 processor with a gig of RAM.

I was considering a 4200+ dual core to extend the life of my PC a bit but I have a 3500+ and its not much of a boost. Its even less for you since you have a 4000+. On the plus side the 4200 dual core without fan is only about £40. The 4400 is much more expensive, over £100.

  keef66 21:39 26 Nov 07

1. don't bother with the cpu upgrade as already pointed out, you'll see too little benefit.

2. see if you can get an 8800GT card somewhere (like rocking horse poo atm)

3. later on upgrade to core 2 Duo or quad cpu + suitable mobo (some good bundles from Novatech)

  User-1159794 06:18 27 Nov 07

Thanks folks.

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