UPGRADE P4 640 3.2GHz, HT, 2MB ?

  Phil962 18:31 09 Jan 08

I have the CPU mentioned above. Is there a upgrade processor (faster) that I can buy that will fit into my current motherboard?

It is slightly bigger than a 478 INTEL Pentium 4 3,4 GHz Extreme Edition HT // 2MB Cache and it has flat pad connectors instead of the pin connectors that the 3.4Ghz processor has.

Appreciate any wisdom and sage advice!!


  Quiller. 18:51 09 Jan 08

A P4 640 is a socket 775 cpu. These are socket 775 but are dual core click here

What motherboard do you have?

  Phil962 18:58 09 Jan 08

I am not sure of the motherboard. It is in a DELL XPS Gen 5. I will have to ask Dell for the exact type as I can not see anything written on the board itself.

  Quiller. 21:12 09 Jan 08

I thought I had seen this question before:)

click here

  Phil962 21:25 09 Jan 08

Would an Intel Pentium 4 670 3.8Ghz, 800mHz FSB, 4M L2, LGA 775 be a suitable upgrade?

  Quiller. 21:40 09 Jan 08

According to the list it will fit, but I don't think it'll be much of a boost. click here and thats over 2 years old.
A 940 should fit with out a bios upgrade and that would give you 2 X 3.2Ghz. That would be a good boost.click here

  Phil962 16:54 14 Jan 08

Thanks for the info. I tried a 940 but the system tells me that it is an incompatible processor.

Is this a question of needing a BIOS update? If so is there a thread that tells me exactly how to go about this update.

According to Dell the highest processor I can use is an 840.

As they both fit in the CPU slot why wont the 940 work?

Grateful, as ever, for this poor luddite!!

  Quiller. 17:22 14 Jan 08

as it goes through POST.

If it does, reset the bios by clearing the cmos jumper on the motherboard.

If it shows in POST, it's just that the bios hasn't that in it's list. Does it the go on to boot?

Depending on which version of the bios you are running, it may require a flash.

  Phil962 17:43 14 Jan 08

The message that it is an incompatible processor comes on as soon as the computer is switched on. It does not boot up.

Showing my lack of knowledge: what is POST?

If it is a BIOS update that is needed how do I do it?


  Quiller. 17:52 14 Jan 08

POST is:-

Power On Self Test

It's the first page to load. Checking the memory, cpu and drives.

Bios flashes can be risky, they could render a motherboard useless.

Your first port of call would be the dell web site, to see if they have a newer bios than the one you have now.

  Phil962 18:40 14 Jan 08

Problem sorted.

Went to the Dell website and downloaded their BIOS update. They made it easy to install.

The 940 processor is now working and it has increased the Windows Experience Index Score from 4.3 to 4.8.

Is this a reasonable increase? I will have to play Bioshock and others to see if there is any noticable improvement.

Thanks for all the help.

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