Upgrade or Buy a New CPU?

  Tech_igyaan 30 Nov 13

Hello team, My current CPU Configuration is as follows (3years old) : AMD ATHLON II X2 250 3.0 GHZ dual core processor
Nvidia Geforce 210 1GB Graphic card Gigabyte M68MT-S2P Motherboard 2GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB SEAGATE INTERNAL HARD DISK DRIVE iBall Cabinet - Entizer with SMPS

The above configuration does not support latest games like battlefield 3, NFS Rivals, etc even with minimum specs. Hence i wanted to know would it be worth in upgrading RAM to 4GB and investing in a decent graphic card or starting to assemble my PC from scratch. Please advise. Also it would be helpful if you could recommend some components that i should go for considering the above configuration. Awaiting Reply.

  nickf 30 Nov 13

Really depends on your budget . You would be much better off starting from scratch with upto date parts.

  Batch 01 Dec 13

You don't say what operating system (OS) you are using. But given the age of the machine I'm guessing Windows 7 (or maybe Vista).

2GB of RAM is woefully low and is inexpensive and easy to upgrade. So that is the first thing I would look at.

If the OS is 32 bit there is no point in putting more than 4GB in as 32 bit will only use a max of about 3.5GB regardless of how much you install.

If the OS is 64 bit then you can go much higher.

To get best performance, ideally memory should be installed in matched pairs. So to install 4GB you would go for 2 x 2GB strips rather than 1 x 4GB strip.

More info here:

Crucial Memory for your mobo


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