Upgrade from Me to XP Pro?

  Orchid7 19:41 10 Mar 04

After many problems with Windows Me, I've been advised to upgrade to XP Pro. A Microsoft search of my computer tells me I'll have compatability problems with my Visoneer scanner, Epson printer and AOL Broadband modem. Should I go ahead?

  AubreyS 19:50 10 Mar 04

I too had compatibility problems, but all seems OK.

  Terry Brown 19:53 10 Mar 04

XP PRO has is capable of running hardware from earlier systems, and that usually works, however ME is not that bad a system, What is the problem?

  LastChip 19:58 10 Mar 04

If your only purpose is to try and alleviate problems, it would seem you are about to leave one set behind only to encounter more elsewhere. Is that a wise choice?

Many decry ME as being a lousy system and I have to admit to having that impression myself in the past, but I now run three machines almost without any hitches. Why? Because I was blaming the operating system when in fact, it was a BIOS fault (badly written code). So what I guess I'm saying to you, is it really ME your having the problems with, or an associated hardware or software problem that is causing you grief? And is changing to XP going to solve anything?

It seems to me from the numbers of threads here, XP is not the panacea that many make out!

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