upgrade hard drive

  par 3 22:15 15 Jul 09

Running xp home sp2.
I have an old desktop 850 MHz and 30 gb HD with 640 mem and about 9 years old.
I would like to upgrade the hard drive. How far can I go. Any help appreciated.

  cream. 22:52 15 Jul 09

if it is a branded one.

Better still is the motherboard make and model number. As a general rule, a Y2K computer should see a 120Gb hard disk, minimum.

  OCTCORE 00:24 16 Jul 09

Had you thought of changing the whole PC, you can get a new PC for about £300/350 with screen, that blow your old one out of the water this will come with anything from 160 to 500 gig of hard disk space. The only snag is, it will probably be running Vista, you could take an 'image' of the Vista and reinstall Xp if you have a copy. Just something to consider.

  par 3 08:40 16 Jul 09

Computer is hp pavilion 7910. Going to use it for the grand children.

  Diemmess 08:52 16 Jul 09

Storage space is very limited and [assumed] IDE HDs are becoming less common but > 100Gb is probably the cheapest available now.
RAM is critically short, even an extra 500MB would make a difference.

So far you wont have spent a great deal. This would be adequate for Internet and basic "office" type of programmes

For fancy graphics and anything more than the simpler games, a new computer as OCTCORE said is going to be the way to go.

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