Upgrade to geforce 6200 256mb from fx5200 128mb?

  2drewej 19:38 15 Apr 06

hi first here are my pc specs -

Packard bell imedia 1402
Intel celeron D 2.8ghz
512mb ram
currently geforce fx5200 128mb

i was wondoring how bigger difference would it make to the performance of games if i upgraded to the geforce 6200 256mb (only £50)

also what difference does the amount of ram on the card make?

thanks for your help

  SG Atlantis® 10:29 16 Apr 06

I have the 6200 256mb pci-e and I can play most of the latest games upto medium settings, which I think is pretty decent.

If ya can throw an extra 20 quid get the 6600 or above. The 6200 is old but still ok!

click here and hover the mouse over bits and it'll tell you what's what.

  SG Atlantis® 10:32 16 Apr 06

I'd boost your system to 1Gb of RAM aswell.

  2drewej 10:47 16 Apr 06

thanks for that,
i can play unreAL tournament 2004 on medium-high settings in 1024 resolotion fine on my current card but if i try and play something like swat 4 i can barly play it on low settings.

do you know what the difference would be if you have a 256mb graphics card rather than a 128mb one?

  SG Atlantis® 11:01 16 Apr 06

It is better to have more memory on the card but cards at this level, I'm not sure you'd even notice...

I recommend getting at least the 6600 at £70 approx and another 512mb RAM. FEAR was using nearly 900mb on my system!

  citadel 11:01 16 Apr 06

the difference between 128mb and 256 is very little, it is the card that matters. a 6600gt would be a good boost for you.

  freaky 11:02 16 Apr 06

If you are prepared to pay more, then I would recommend the GeForce 6600GT 256MB this is AGP.

These are being sold by Novatech for £104.

Got one about 2 weeks ago and it really flies. My previous card - FX5500 128MB could only cope with Battle for Middle-Earth (2) at a low resolution - this card runs at full resolution with no problems.

They also have the 6600GT 128MB for £79 (I think).

  2drewej 11:06 16 Apr 06

i only want to spend about £50-£60 on a card ,
and i would prefer a nvidia one as i bought a radeon and had to take it back and get a new one 3 times and they still failed after about 1 hour.
with nvidia i have never had any problems and they seem much better quality??

  freaky 11:07 16 Apr 06

I would add the fact your PC has only 512MB RAM, this will be a limiting factor when playing games - having a Card with 256MB rather 128MB would therefore help.

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