Upgrade android 4.1 to 4.2

  bumpkin 13 Feb 13

Hi everyone, I wish to add additional users on my tablet. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 which I am using does not support this. The 4.2 version does, how can I upgrade.

  compumac 13 Feb 13

Additional user problem? Anyone can use my Galaxy 10.1 if I so desire with Froyo, ICS and then Jelly Bean - what is the difficulty?

  bumpkin 13 Feb 13

Hi compumac, in the settings there is no "user" option below "apps" and above "Location Services". I am using 4.1 and think I need V4.2 which version are you using. Thanks for the response.

  compumac 13 Feb 13

Can you clarify your need to designate users? For what purpose?

  bumpkin 13 Feb 13

The purpose seems irrelevant to me, I just need to know how to do it. However my reason is that others in the household also want to use it which I dont mind at all as long as my stuff is kept separate, I still think it can only be done with 4.2 which is why I wanted to know how to upgrade. If I can do it with 4.1 then fine if some one can tell me how. Thanks

  Woolwell 13 Feb 13

Brand and model of tablet could be helpful.

  bumpkin 13 Feb 13

It is an Ainol Novo10 Hero, about 6wks old 10".

  xox101 13 Feb 13

Check out XDA developers site for how to upgrade your tablet to 4.2. But this may mean rooting the device and installing a custom rom. 4.2 may not be available for your device from the manufacturer hence a custom rom may be your only choice in the meantime.

By users I assume the OP means user accounts.

  bumpkin 13 Feb 13

xox101, I do mean user accounts. Android is new to me and I am unsure of exactly what you mean, excuse my ignorance on this but you are way ahead of my understanding here. Thank you anyway. Ray

  Woolwell 13 Feb 13

Have you seen this. Don't know how well the apps would work though.

Android updates are usually released by the manufacturer's of the device and updated through their software. The alternative may be to root your device which basically means getting rid of the manufacturer's installation. The risk is that your turn it into a brick and you cannot get manufacturer's updates.

Tablets are usually thought of as single person devices.

  Woolwell 13 Feb 13

you turn not your turn!


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