Upgrade Advice

  StumblingDrunk 11:21 31 Dec 09


I am new to these forums, so first of all, Hi :)

I want to upgrade the following system:

intel 6300 (o/ced to 2.4ghz)
Asus p5b vanilla
2GB Ram

I really want to get more out of my pc and I feel like the best thing to start with is my gfx card. I was thinking of moving up to a HD 5750, but I do not know if my motherboard will handle it, or if I will need a new psu. One thing that concerns me is that it might be alot longer, which means I will have to get a new case :)

Any help will be very appreciated

  StumblingDrunk 11:43 31 Dec 09

Just a quick update, I am also looking at 5770, it appears to need a higher psu, but I am still not sure if the m/b will be an issue

  jack 12:09 31 Dec 09

Investigate 3 things
1. The make or Brand
2. The likely cost of additionan components
3. your personal skills.

1. Some big brand lines[ Dell for example] defy upgrading simply because some models are of an 'integrated' nature and there is nothing to pull off.
2.Purchasing the extra comonents -especially CPU's
is not so simple as mother boards are designed with chipsets to run with a particular processor range- an'upping' may not work out the way you expect.
3. Is obvious .

The general advice these days is to buy new start afresh.

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