Upgrade to 8 year old MESH laptop

  aveitch 12:09 10 Aug 09

Hi All,
I have dug an 8 year old laptop out of the cupboard, it is painfully slow.
Running Windows XP home edition,
a mobile AMD Athlon4 1500+
Processor 494 MHz
352 MB RAM
and 19GB Hard Drive.
The idea is to give it a little upgrade for use by my 8 year old daughter. Main use will be for contecting to the Internet to play simple educational games (and Club Penguin), and maybe play the odd DVD.
Question is, is it financilly worth purchasing the upgrades? is it possible to upgrade a machine this old? or should I stump up for a new machine?

  kalignorgna 13:12 10 Aug 09

upgrading the hard drive on the laptop is possible if you have a restore CD with the laptop, also some laptops have a unused memory slot for upgrading but you would have to check what memory it needed to make sure you get the right sort. over then that the only thing you can do is remove unneeded programs run a disk defrag and a virus scan to try and make it run a little faster

  Quiet Life 13:48 10 Aug 09

Face reality it will never be acceptable compared with anything recent. In the days of dial up connection it was OK but now it will just be hassel.

  Belatucadrus 15:57 10 Aug 09

If it'll take an extra RAM module and you can get one at a reasonable price then that may well be worth a go. Other than that the best way of speeding it up is likely to be reformatting and reloading the OS from scratch. Then adding only what would be bare necessities, security is something you'd need to select carefully as one of the new kitchen sink suites will probably bring it to a grinding halt. avast! is excellent.
If it hasn't got a DVD drive then coughing up the extra would almost certainly not be worth the outlay.
Is it worth it ? I think so but if she takes a shine to computing, don't expect too many years out of it before the expanding horizons of a net savey 8/9 year old start pushing for something newer.

  Graphicool1 17:52 10 Aug 09

Try this...
click here

  aveitch 01:31 13 Aug 09

Thanks for the advice,
I was hoping to upgrade to maybe 1gb, but I have now found out that the mamixmum memory for the system is 640mb, as it's already at 352mb, if I go ahead will there really be a noticable difference? Also, anyone know where the memory slot is on this model 'MESH model 7321', I don't what to strip the whole thing down, only to find it's in the last place I look (you know - Sod's Law)...

  jack 08:11 13 Aug 09

On most lappies is in a square panel with a single screw in the base of the machine.
As already stated at this age- hardly worth playing with-
Even if you obtained memory- you may not - thing have moved on- the price is likely to be a good bot of the down payment for a new machine.
For memory check- download the check program from
click here

  Stuartli 09:59 13 Aug 09

I think you really mean upgrading an eight-year-old laptop, rather than upgrade to one..:-)

For the purpose intended, the suggestions above are perfectly reasonable.

Is this the model (appears to be a re-badged Mesh by Time)?:

click here

  woodchip 10:21 13 Aug 09

Its not worth updating the Ram, A faster Hard Drive is the only thing you can Update as the old drive will only be a 4200 rpm speed a 5400 rpm would be better as it would. lifting the size to 40Gb or 60gb

  cream. 11:31 13 Aug 09

rebadged for mesh, time etc.

It looks as if it is very difficult to gain entry to both memory and hard drive click here

If you think you may pay £60 for a good fast hard drive and maybe £30 to max out the ram. You could be looking at £100 with postage to speed it up a little.

You could get a new basic laptop running vista basic for around £250 and get an excellent one for around £300.

I personally would try and sell it for £50 and pay £300 for a reasonably speced machine that would last your daughter 5+ years.

  Stuartli 12:28 13 Aug 09

Many laptops are re-badged models from specialist manufacturers (Taiwan is a noted manufacturing centre).

It's the same, for example, for digital cameras, including the particular country mentioned; in fact three years ago Taiwan churned out 67 per cent of the world's digital cameras production.

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