AlexPB 11:27 05 Dec 07


When i play games or videos on one of my Packard Bell PC's it is slow and quite jumpy/laggy. What is the most probable reasaon for this, i thaught video card or graphics card? I have upgraded the RAM from 256 and added 1Gb so its 1256Gb or whatever it comes to. Also it is a Pentium D processor, Windows XP.


  keef66 12:27 05 Dec 07

Has it always been like this or are you talking about a deteriorating performance?

What games are you playing?

On an XP machine so it looks like you have enough ram now, so the next thing to look at is the graphics card (aka video card). Do you know what graphics card you have?

  Totally-braindead 13:12 05 Dec 07

Post back with whatever your PC says the graphics is, it will probably call itself the graphics adaptor, its the same thing just different wording. Also post back with whatever your PC model is, its a Packard Bell but we need to know the model to see if it has a slot for a graphics card and what type of slot it has.

If the games and videos worked fine before then perhaps theres nothing wrong with your PC at all. You could defrag the hard drive, get rid of programs you don't use and generally clean it up. A program like Crap Cleaner is invaluable for getting rid of, as it says crap. Make sure that theres plenty of free space on your hard drive as well as when it becomes full it slows down terribly.

Heres Ccleaner click here and its free, great little program.

Personally I would clear out programs I never use, run ccleaner to get rid of any leftover and then defrag the hard drive.

Once thats done see how the PC runs and then decide what to do.

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