updating to service pack 2

  Irene40 02:31 05 Sep 06

does it usely take so long its 2.19am here and im knackeredd,windows xp service pack 2,finishing installation,details,performing clean up..been doin this agesss now.could i leave the comp running and let it do whats its to do..sooo i could hit the sack lol..zzzzzzz

  Irene40 02:46 05 Sep 06

every1 way to bed helloo

  De Marcus™ 02:58 05 Sep 06

Not quite snoozing yet.

You should be fine leaving your SP2 install and catching some zzz's.

You did check for spyware, etc before running the install didn't you? It's highly recommended.

  Irene40 03:08 05 Sep 06

thought i was gettin somewhere comp restart now its installing updates again lol.ummm no i didnt check for spyware.YIKES

  ventanas 08:52 05 Sep 06

Having done the checks disable your AV, and all other similar programs - anti spyware etc. Make sure as little as possible is running. The whole installation should take about half an hour.

  Stuartli 09:12 05 Sep 06

But you still need to do the followup and install the SP3 updates (all those that have followed since SP2 was released two years ago!).

Easiest way is to use AutoPatcher:

click here

  Irene40 17:54 09 Sep 06

ok to get spa2,i got that through windows update yeah?y didnt it update to spa3 then when it was updateing, especially if it was out 2 years ago..ok see in windows update,what exactly do i need to do to update,the critical ones just

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