Updates at the wrong moment while busy

  immer 17 Sep 12

Of late my PC is slow booting and I think the problem is things that want to update on startup. Norton is one, Adobe, Java and others. Sometimes the PC wont go properly at all till its rebooted just as I need to be doing my emails. I know I should know how to fix this but I've forgotten. Can you help please.

  kad60 17 Sep 12

In Norton..>settings...>untick liveupdate...on right hand side.

  kad60 17 Sep 12

You could also delay start-up on some programs.

  spuds 17 Sep 12

If you have CCleaner or any other 'tweaking' programs on your computer, check to see if they have a 'Start-Up' part to the program. You can then perhaps disable some items from the start-up list.

If you are having general slow issues, then perhaps a little maintenance on the computer is needed?.

  northumbria61 18 Sep 12

CCleaner does have a start-up option under the tools menu

  immer 18 Sep 12

Thanks one & all !


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