Updates corrupting computer, beware!!

  Baskerville 16:12 23 Oct 08

On Saturday my son was on the computer, he told me the mouse had gone into continuous mode (trying to do something) It carried on like this so I reset the computer, it would not boot up again, about 10 attempts later it just made it into safe mode, I attempted a recovery disc repair but this did not work.

Talking to Medion in Germany the software guy told me this happens quite often where Windows updates in the background and causes a conflict in operating system and bang the only way out is to re-install Windows for a factory re-set, what a lot of hassle to put up with, has anybody else had this trouble? Medion told me to disable updates unless you can trust them!!!

I lost a lot of data sorting this out and now I'm wary of updates running on my comp,

What does the helproom think of this?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:16 23 Oct 08

Had no trouble running auto updates on my Medion PC.

  hiwatt 16:18 23 Oct 08

I prefer to always have windows update set to notify me but don't download or install them before checking.

  ventanas 16:55 23 Oct 08

Sounds like a classic cop-out to me. I doubt very much if the updates were to blame. Unlikely that updates would turn up on a saturday anyway. It's usually Tuesday. My guess is that Medion just didn't want to know.
I would look a bit closer to home anyway.

  Belatucadrus 17:04 23 Oct 08

Not impossible, some people have had problems with XP service pack 3. Try deleting it.

  iscanut 17:06 23 Oct 08

Don't understand this as have never had a problem like this due to updates, which as ventanas has said, normally only are available on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. The only recent one on other than Tuesday was a Silverlight update and not everyone uses that anyway. When you were in safe mode, you could have tried a system restore from the command line rather than the drastic action of a factory reset !

  Woolwell 17:40 23 Oct 08

In my experience you get prompts with XP SP3 advising you to close all active programs and to have your data backed up.

What program was in use when the mouse began to misbehave?

  woodchip 17:42 23 Oct 08

The one that I never load now is the Malicious Software Removal Tool. it lost me a Partition on a Medion Laptop

  MarvintheAndroid 18:17 23 Oct 08

If it was doing updates and you reset the computer before it finished, you might have damaged some system files. Unlikely but possible. I find it most improbable that the updates, on their own, would cause you any problems.


  Baskerville 18:26 23 Oct 08

My son was on a Pokemon site when the comp had a funny do.

The strange thing was that when the computer got to the stage where the password prompt came on, it refused the password, shut itself down and after many attempts to re-boot then accepted the password and went into safe mode? strange to me.

When in safe mode I tried a system restore but the computer said that there was no restore points created, strange again as the comp is a year old next month and I thought that auto restore points were created?

I ended up using a 4 gig pen drive to salvage as much stuff as I could.
The Medion guy (who I think are very good) said that they have had other calls recently concerned with updates causing problem and that Microsoft were aware of it.

Got myself a removable hard drive now so back up or burn is in order from now on.


  Belatucadrus 19:43 23 Oct 08

Very true but how many of us do it ? SP3 can be a pig if it goes pear shaped, so following the guidelines really is advisable.

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