UPDATEIPR What is it???

  Jason-284828 09:38 24 Oct 03

When I right click on things and goto Open With, it bring's up the list and there is something in there called UPDATEIPR who's icon is the white square with a blue bar on top.

I haven't got a clue what it is and what it's doing on my system. Has anyone any idea what I should do with it or how to get rid of it.


  alcudia 09:49 24 Oct 03

It could belong to a number of programs including Norton AV

Type the name into google and check out the links.

  expertec 09:50 24 Oct 03

Do you have a program called CyberLink or any software by a company called CyberLink?

  Jason-284828 10:32 24 Oct 03

I have the Powerdvd software, to play DVDs as well as the editing software.


  alcudia 10:40 24 Oct 03

The file should be in C:\Program Files\Cyberlink\Common\updateipr.exe.

It is included here under a list of Suspicious.exe's click here

  Jason-284828 10:53 24 Oct 03

Thanks for that, but it doesn't tell me what to do with it. Is it likly to cause any problems? or is just one of those things computer seem to get that just appear for no known reason and do no known task.

As it's not causing any problems that I'm aware of I think it would be best just to leave it there, we me wondering how it got there in the first place.

  alcudia 11:15 24 Oct 03

I can't seem to find any more info. As it's connected with a DVD editor it could be something on the lines of cdilla, which is used to check on illegal copying. Try running Spybot or Adaware and see if anything gets reported about it. click here and click here
If it does show as spyware you will probaly need to leave it alone or Power dvd may stop working.

I have MGI equivalent and this includes cdilla, which although spyware, must be left alone.

  Jason-284828 11:59 24 Oct 03

I already have adaware & spybot which doesn't pick it up.

If I rename it, and then try to use PowerDvd to see if it works. If it still does do you think I could delete it?? Or am best leaving well alone?

  alcudia 12:13 24 Oct 03

It won't do any harm. But that won't shift it from the right-click menu. That option will be in the registry. Does the icon give any clues as to the association?

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