Update of Firewall

  yattonharry 16:35 02 Mar 05

My 1 year old computer operates XP Home and I ran SP2 this January. Prior to this I updated Sygate Personal Firewall plus AVG and defragged.
Today I have updated Sygate to vers.5.6 and when asked if I wished to 'Run', this I affirmed. I also said 'yes' when asked if I wished to keep previous configuration. Download duly finished and I went to Security Centre and switched off the Windows Firewall (it said that only one Firewall was necessary).
I now find that I am 'unable to establish a connection' when trying to connect to the internet and a 'page not available' appears as a response on the screen.
Any help gratefully received.
Many thanks.

  madPentium 17:40 02 Mar 05

when you updated sygate, its best to right click on the sygate taskbar icon, go into applications and remove everything in there to start from scratch. Maybe you tried this already?

  yattonharry 18:18 02 Mar 05


Many thanks for your quick response and I have done as you suggested, clearing the Applications. Unfortunately, however, that has not resolved this problem.
Your advices are much appreciated.

  Happy Soul 18:38 02 Mar 05

Try this.

Download and save (not run) Sygate to a folder.

If you haven't already got CCleaner click here

Come off line.

Uninstall Sygate

Run CCleaner including the Issues Tab.

Re-install Sygate from the folder in which you saved it.

  yattonharry 20:10 02 Mar 05

Hi Happy Soul, Many thanks for your help with this. Will have a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

Much appreciated.

  ICF 20:20 02 Mar 05

I can't seem to find a version 5.6 on the sygate website.My version is 5.5 build 2710.Were did you get this version is it a beta version?

  Tick Tock 20:44 02 Mar 05

Version 5.6 2808 has been out for a while get it
at majorgeeks.com/firewalls

  Tick Tock 20:45 02 Mar 05
  Tick Tock 20:48 02 Mar 05

sorry about the link just go to majorgeeks.com
and look for firewalls.

  ICF 07:05 04 Mar 05

How come it not on the Sygate website is this an official version?

  yattonharry 11:36 04 Mar 05

Version 5.6 Build 2808 at click here

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