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  geedad 19 Jul 11

Windows Home Premium, 64 bit, i5 Intel. My Homepage is normally Virginmedia, but I have recently installed Bear music website. I decided that I did not want this anymore, and tried to uninstall it using Ccleaner. However, it's a persistent annoyance now, since it has taken over my Homepage, and although I CAN access Virgin by moving across the address bar, and although I have tried to make my Virginmedia the Homepage on start up, the Bear still becomes my unwanted homepage! I have checked Add/Remove, but not is not there, 'searched' for related words, re-started PC, but it still pops up! If I try another uninstaller, such as REVO ( if it's 64 bit capable), do you think that would do the trick? Any help would be appreciated! geedad

  Snrub 19 Jul 11

Have you tried a basic check Tools/Internet Options/General/ Check homepage is Virginmedia otherwise delete anything else?

  gengiscant 19 Jul 11

You can certainly use Revo,I do on a 64Bit system. Then do as 'Snrub' suggests.

  geedad 19 Jul 11

gengiscant Is that a free REVO?

Snrub Tried that, didn't work! geedad

  buteman 19 Jul 11

Revo does not show all 64bit downloads so the chances of removing it with that are slim.But if you have revo already installed worth a try.

  buteman 19 Jul 11

The pro version of Revo will remove it but not the free version.

maybe type bear music to the start search bar and see what left overs are still on your computer.

or a system restore to before you downloaded it but only as a last resort.

Once you go into General and type in the virginmedia web address you also have to press Apply Ok for it to stay like that.

  geedad 19 Jul 11

buteman Thanks. I have tried the suggestions by Snrub, and they don't work. Shows nothing in search, but is always present when attempting to make Virgin my Homepage, even when I delete the Bearshare website in General. Yes, I do use 'Apply'. It comes back like a bad penny whenever I start the PC! I remember once, a forum member suggested re-installing an obstinate programme, then uninstalling it. I might try that! Thanks all. geedad

  Woolwell 19 Jul 11

I wonder if you've picked up a nasty with bearshare (which is a music site and has a poor WOT rating). Suggest you run malwarebytes free and your anti-virus. Programs do not normally hijack your home page. CCleaner may well help get rid of it.

  Les28 19 Jul 11

I don't think you mentioned which web browser you are using,

link text

  geedad 19 Jul 11

I have re-installed Bearshare, then followed the instructions on how to uninstall BearShare. There were additional items to remove called MediaBar, and these were two identical icons of these in the Add/Remove programme. I removed these, then used Ccleaner to 'tidy up'. I re-started the PC, started IE, manually inserted my VirginMedia website, Tools/Internet Options, 'use Current', apply , OK. I then re-started the PC ....... it worked! Thanks to you all for your help and advice, geedad


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