unwanted start up programs

  geedad 10:05 02 May 09

Windows XP Sp2.
I already have Google Tool bar and Virgin Tool bar popping up on start, which is enough for me!
However, Window Live has now appeared, and although I have ticked that I do not want it to start on booting, it persists.
I have used Ccleaner's start up program, but it still comes back!
I know that Windows Live includes Messenger which is required for some programs. but does anyone know how I can prevent it from starting each time I boot?

  Marko797 10:12 02 May 09

that CCleaner won't allow u to stop this. Did u disable, or delete from start-ups in CCleaner? Try delete, if disable hasn't worked.
If still a prob, go to run, type msconfig, and deal with it in there.

  geedad 10:16 02 May 09

Yes, I was also surprised, it's such an excellent program!
I will try your other suggestions, and thank you for your prompt response.

  Halmer 10:18 02 May 09

has a simple utility to stop programs starting up if you have it loaded.

Tools/Software Explorer/Disable the ones you don't want to boot up.

  geedad 10:30 02 May 09

Thanks. Will try that as well!

  rawprawn 10:32 02 May 09

Start> Run> Type msconfig and hit Enter. In the "Start" Tab untick anything you do not want to start "Apply" and Reboot.

  geedad 11:07 02 May 09

Will try also!

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