Unwanted spam

  Rogerfredo 17:56 30 Jan 04

Last week I posted a question about unwanted spam in the form of emails which stated "increase the size of your penis by 3 inches".
I have since been running Mailwasher as suggested, and set these messages to "bounce" and be blacklisted.
However, I am currently innundated with variations on this theme, with different wording and which appear to have been sent by different "private" people, usually on AOL or Netscape. I am getting about 10 per day.
As I said before, I am at a loss as to why this has suddenly started happening, as I have used the net in the same way for the last 12 years.

  Chris the Ancient 18:31 30 Jan 04

First thing - stop using the 'bounce'! It is not as efficient as Mailwasher think. Some clever people out there can tell that it's a bounce from the user rather than the server by how long it takes! QED, you exist, so we'll send more spam.

Spam is a sad fact of life, But I have noticed a general, if gentle, decrease in the time I've been using Mailwasher - but without bouncing.

Treat it like junk mail through the letter box and dump it as soon as it arrives.

HTH a bit


  leo49 18:40 30 Jan 04

Agree with Chris and by bouncing you're only adding to the garbage that clogs up the Web. If you're only getting 10 you should be counting your blessings - I get well over 100 every day.

  Pesala 18:49 30 Jan 04

Just like the real weather, the internet also suffers from storms of spam. The latest Mydoom virus noticed only a week ago is generating millions of spam emails. I get at least ten a day - even Marks & Spencers sent bounced an email in my direction. Eventually, virus checkers will catch up, and the storm will abate - until the next new virus is released. Just don't go out onto the internet without your umbrella. (~_~)

  Rogerfredo 19:01 30 Jan 04

Thanks for the words of wisdom. I will stop bouncing and see if this improves.

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