Unwanted shutdown

  pickle factory 11:31 09 Apr 04

Hello folks. I have a pc that stubbornly does not want to work. It shuts down for no apparent reason at any time it feels fit. This is complete shutdown not just a freeze or lock out. Any suggestions where I should be looking (Please no 'At a new pc shop' puns). Could it be the PSU?
Do I need to hit it with a bigger stick? Thanks

  powerless 11:35 09 Apr 04


  pickle factory 11:38 09 Apr 04

Sorry. WinME. It's been doing it for some time, intermittently. I've cleaned hard drive and reloaded, still no joy.

  pickle factory 12:43 09 Apr 04

PS If it's any help it has a AMD K6-2 550 CPU

  talia 14:14 09 Apr 04

I would guess that you need a new power unit or that there may be a virus somewhere.

  pickle factory 15:49 09 Apr 04

Is there any way of checking this out to confirm if it is the PSU or not?

  hugh-265156 16:47 09 Apr 04

could also be dodgy drivers.

are all your hardware and motherboard drivers up to date?

is windows me up to date? click here

  NGE 16:50 09 Apr 04


  pickle factory 17:20 09 Apr 04

Re: drivers, probably not up to date as they haven't been updated from build on this pc, could that cause this? Problem is fairly recent. I'll update and retry (Mobo,bios and what else?). RE: virus, I have formatted HDD, can I still have virus? If so how do get rid? Haven't been able to keep the damned thing running long enough to finish loading software.

  hugh-265156 17:33 09 Apr 04

leave the bios alone and maybe just try motherboard chipset,sound,graphics drivers etc.

  talia 08:39 10 Apr 04

If your machine bahaves normal then all well and good you have ruled that option out.

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