Unwanted program - is it malicious?

  collinsc 18:44 21 Jun 08

I have Norton Security Scan on my PC. Im not sure where it came from (maybe i downloaded it with another program some how?).

I went to uninstall, but then this also then requires authorisation to bypass an unknown program - although this could perhaps be required by User Account Control??

In uninstall the publisher - is - Synmantec Corporation, which leads me to think it probably is real..

Any advice?


  Forum Editor 18:48 21 Jun 08

Norton security is often bundled with new machines.

It's real programme alright, but whether you want to keep it or not is up to you. I'm not wuite sure what you mean by "...this also then requires authorisation to bypass an unknown program'

  collinsc 18:48 21 Jun 08

...but then the msg i get is 'unidentified publisher'... so im not sure!

  collinsc 19:12 21 Jun 08

no, not a new computer...
when i select the programme and click 'uninstall programme' a box pops up stating "programmes and features- are you sure you want to remove norton" and then windows installer boots up, the next box, which is user acc control says "an unidentified program wants acces to you computer- dont allow unless you know who it is from".
If its norton which is so common - why would it be unknown!? or just unknown to my pc perhaps!?


  woodchip 19:17 21 Jun 08

Read and use click here

  collinsc 19:34 21 Jun 08

well - i can use uninstall providing it is a valid progamme. and if its not then the link will not work- but cheers!

  ronalddonald 20:07 21 Jun 08

Use Crap cleaner search the forum for it to dwnlaod it so that u can uninstall your so called program. By the way whats the name of the program your trying to unistall?

  grey george 22:14 21 Jun 08

'unidentified publisher' seems to come up even when the software is from the best known manufactures

  collinsc 11:06 22 Jun 08

program is called 'Norton Security Scan'.
I agree 'unidentified publisher' often seems to come up, which is why i cannot decide whether it's a real program or not!

  VoG II 11:11 22 Jun 08
  brundle 11:28 22 Jun 08

Norton Security Scan is optionally bundled with Flash Player and Java I think. Aswell as the ever-more-common Google/Yahoo toolbar bundles. You have to untick it/them before installing.

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