Unwanted Outgoing Email??

  osben 01 Mar 12

Hi Guys

For the last few days, I have been getting an email appear in the outbox of my MS Outlook - it is generally 68 bytes in size and outlook does not show any "to" "From" "subject" etc about it. I know I have not initiated it and I am the only user of the computer.

I have done an antivirus scan and scanned for malware in case it is a virus which has slipped through the security I have on the computer but they have shown all is ok.

I don't want to open it up to see what it is in case I regret it.

Can anyone offer any help to solve the problem its got me stumped.


  shellship 01 Mar 12

Have you tried right clicking on it and deleting it from there?

  osben 02 Mar 12

Hi Shellship

Thanks for getting back to me.

I realise that I can delete it in situe without opening it but I was hoping that someone could throw some light onto the question as to what it could be and why all of a sudden they are appearing.


  lotvic 02 Mar 12

What you need is to read the Message source and contents without actually opening the email normally. I know how to do this in Outlook Express (Properties,Details,MessageSource) but I don't know how to do that in Outlook.

Maybe someone else knows or you could try google?

  osben 05 Mar 12


I think I have found the reason for the above. Very strange but When I get an incoming email and click on the reply button to send an email back, it all goes as it should do ie the reply is sent and it shows in the ""sent"" box and the email is received by the recipient.

Outlook for some reason ALSO puts a notification of that email that I sent as a reply into the "Out" box as well but as I said before with no other information other that the size of the email. I have opened a couple up and found nothing in the "message contents" or "To" or "From"

Although it is comforting to know it is anything malicious it is still annoying getting my "outbox" added to every time I reply to someones email.

Can anyone throw some light on this.



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