Unwanted message...

  dogbreath1 18:25 05 May 05

On booting (XP SP2), I've started getting this box click here on my desktop. On clicking the button it goes...but does anybody know how I can remove it permanently please.

  dogbreath1 18:27 05 May 05

I might need to repost the image as it's being reproduced here rather small.

  mattyc_92 18:32 05 May 05

Yes, please create the screendump again as it is too small to see.... lol

  dogbreath1 18:37 05 May 05

If you try clicking on the image, it will enlarge a little, at least mine will! If you still can't read it please post back and I'll enlarge it further, cheers!

  mattyc_92 18:39 05 May 05

I realise that, but it only enlargens it around 1 cm... lol

You have left the white background on the image, so the screendump has been reduced in size

  dogbreath1 18:44 05 May 05
  mattyc_92 18:49 05 May 05


So have you installed/uninstalled anything recently (within around 5 days for agruement's sake)?

  dogbreath1 18:58 05 May 05

Yup, have installed newer versions of CWShredder and CCleaner and have uninstalled VNCclick here

  mattyc_92 19:01 05 May 05

Well, chances are, this is the problem.... When uninstalling/installing a program, a file has been removed/overwritten....

Do you know what program this message is from?

  dogbreath1 19:07 05 May 05

Can't be sure but chances are it was CCleaner.

  mattyc_92 19:14 05 May 05

I know that it isn't CCleaner, as the icon ISN'T the icon for CCleaner's Setup or the program itself...

It looks like a "self-extractor" icon (the type that Macromedia use)...

You COULD of deleted a registry key that was required when you used CCleaner (as CCleaner DOES get it wrong sometimes.... lol)

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