Unwanted links in Favourites folder

  Silly Me 15:08 29 Aug 04

I am on BT broadband, run XP Professional and have got IE v.6. I have had problems with bugs even though MacAfee is installed. Yesterday I installed a bug buster programme from a link in your forum - result have now got STOPzilla on trial for 15 days. It looks good and has detected one pop-up.
Question 1 - why hasn't it got rid?

Question 2 - is STOPzilla a good one to buy?

Question 3 - would I be better keeping MacAfee even though there is no evidence it is working? By the way Hotmail has this and always scans my attachments.

Question 4 - I am still getting unwanted, unsavour links appearing in my Favourites folder eg: adult sex and gambling sites and I have never looked at any of these in my life. I assumed that installing STOPzilla would have prevented these. I keep going into favourites and deleting them and then emptying the recycle bin but everytime I boot up they're there again.

Getting a bit desperate now. You guys are great by the way.

  johnnyrocker 15:12 29 Aug 04

get adaware se spybot and spyware sweeper from downloads section of this site and at download.com you can get a pop up stopper and get rid of stopzilla.


  THE TERMINATOR 15:15 29 Aug 04

click here and click here ....TT

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