unwanted internet connection

  absent 12:44 10 Sep 05

My broadband connection has started to connect of its own accord, I have now unchecked connect automatically to prevent this. I have run Spybot,spywareblaster and done a complete avg test, nothing found. I also run zone alarm. It may well be a legitimate program attempting to update itself or it may not. Anyone know of a way to find out what is trying to connect?

  mattyc_92 12:52 10 Sep 05

The next time it tries to "dial" the connection, checkout what "icon" is being used for the dial window in the "taskbar"

  johnnyrocker 12:53 10 Sep 05

have you tried the task manager to see what it might be?


  johnnyrocker 12:53 10 Sep 05

is it trying to dial?


  rawprawn 13:31 10 Sep 05

Is it in All Programs/Startup? if so delete thew icon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:33 10 Sep 05

try Ctrl+Alt+delete next time it tries to connect this will show running progrms and what is therefore trying to connect.

  absent 13:53 10 Sep 05

Thank you all for the response, The only icons on the tasbar/tray are things I have had running before this started to happen. In taskmanager the only application running is roxio drag to disc. There are many processes running most I recognize, those I dont I have searched on google to find out what they are and all seem to be legit.

  johnnyrocker 14:24 10 Sep 05

what type is your bb connection? what exactly happens/shows when this connection attempt takes place?


  wee eddie 14:30 10 Sep 05

It will connect to the Internet.

That's how it works.

Any programs you have on your PC may then access the Internet.

Providing your Firewall will let them.

  wee eddie 14:33 10 Sep 05

It may be set to check for mail every 10 minutes or whenever you have set it up to.

Do you have a Firewall?

  absent 17:34 10 Sep 05

Thanks to all who have responded. I think I have found the culprit, when I looked again at the running proccesses in taskmanager I found a nasty called winsrv32.exe. Since I deleted this the problem seems to have stopped.

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