unwanted dial up icon

  Bomberboy1943 10:21 05 Jan 04

I have an unwanted dialup icon that is preventing me from keeping my home page as yahoo when I reset it to yahoo then shut down on re start it goes back to the page 123 find how can i perminatley remove this icon and prevent it from comming back as I also think it has created other problems

  Proxy Worm 10:31 05 Jan 04

Have you got spybot? I think its spyware thats hooking you on.

  Bomberboy1943 11:12 05 Jan 04

How do i know if i have spybot and where can i find it

  Jester2K 11:19 05 Jan 04

click here SpyBot is a Spyware scanner (bit like Antivirus but for Spyware / Adware)

Download it, update it and run it. It'll find the sort of program that does this to your PC and remove it.

Also try AdAware - click here

  Proxy Worm 16:18 05 Jan 04

Thanks Jester2K you beat me to it!

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