Unwanted desktop icon

  Windsor 17:11 05 Apr 06

I run XP Pro. Recently, an icon on Control Panel, namely 'Faxes and Printers' has appeared on my desktop. I don't want it but how ever hard I try it can't be deleted. I have been into 'desktop' and the same from there - I can't delete it.

Can anyone suggest a means to get rid of this pest!


  MichelleC 17:15 05 Apr 06

I had similar. I deleted it by creating a folder and pasting file inside.

  terryf 17:16 05 Apr 06

Have you tried going to safe mode, log in as admin, and delete it there

  rawprawn 17:17 05 Apr 06

Why should you want to delete it? It is your Control Panel entry for Printers and Faxes as it says.

  Windsor 18:32 05 Apr 06


I already have in icon in Control panel and just want to get rid of this 'surplus' one.

  Windsor 18:33 05 Apr 06


I've tried tis but to no avail.

  Windsor 18:34 05 Apr 06


I have tried in safe mode but no go. How do I log in a admin?

  Windsor 18:34 05 Apr 06


I have tried in safe mode but no go. How do I log in a admin?

  rawprawn 18:36 05 Apr 06

Sorry I didn't realise you had a family of them. Have you tried Right Click/Explore/ are there two showing there, and can you delete one from there.

  iambeavis 18:38 05 Apr 06

If all else fails you can right click the icon, choose properties, tick hidden then apply and ok. Not the best solution but it will be out of sight.

  alB 18:57 05 Apr 06

You could try Tweak UI from click here It's a small application that allows you to "tweak" some settings on XP, it does have a desktop section that lists certain icons that can be shown or not ...alB

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