Unwanted Advertising Pages

  haricot 13:27 27 Jan 09

Can anyone offer any explanation why I have just started to be bombarded with unwanted Advertising pages each time I go on to the internet.

  oldbeefer2 13:35 27 Jan 09

Have you picked up something unpleasant? Worth running virus scan etc.

  haricot 14:22 27 Jan 09

Thanks for coming back oldbeefer2 I appreciate it.Having run a virus check it tells me that everything is fine and nothing was found.
The only thing I have done recently is to set up a couple of Google Alerts. Do you think it had got anything to do with those?

  oldbeefer2 14:28 27 Jan 09

Possible - try reverting to how it was before and see what happens. Have you also run an antimalware prog?

  rawprawn 14:34 27 Jan 09

Try running Malwarebytes click here

  haricot 14:41 27 Jan 09

oldbeefer2, I confirm that the Virus Check has again confirmed that the check was claear ...no infection found.
I have taken the Google Alerts off but now I'm getting messages to say it cant find the server !

So I'm not sure what is going on. You've lost me I'm afraid on the other thing . I have never heard of Actimal prog !

  oldbeefer2 14:54 27 Jan 09

'anti-malware' with a hyphen. Different bugs which antivirus won't always pick up. Run the programme suggested by rawprawn - that will find and clear any malware.

  rawprawn 14:56 27 Jan 09

Actimal prog !

You have misread this it is an Anti Malware Program, I have suggested one to you. Download it, update it and then run a complete scan

  oldbeefer2 15:15 27 Jan 09

Isn't that a pro-biotic drink?

  haricot 15:36 27 Jan 09

I loaded and ran the Anti Malware as suggested . Ity found 4 Infections but will not let me deal with them !

what to do next?

  rawprawn 15:53 27 Jan 09

Try running it in Safe mode (Keep Tapping F8 as you boot your copmputer)
What message if any did you get?

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