unwanted adds

  hubdean 16:00 15 Sep 07

i keep getting lot of unwanted adds
what can i do to stop them

Hi you didnt specify which browser you use.

Firefox add on
click here
click here

Also run spyware checks
click here
for example

  Clapton is God 16:06 15 Sep 07

"i keep getting lot of unwanted adds" (sic)

On which websites?

What sort of ads?

Do you have a pop-up blocker enabled?

  hubdean 16:09 15 Sep 07

adds for easy car casino ect

  hubdean 16:10 15 Sep 07

downloaded the programs will try them
let you know if they do trick

some other anti spyware apps
click here
spyware blaster
click here
avg antispyware
click here

dont forget to update before running full scans.

  woodchip 17:00 15 Sep 07

This is what you need to stop them, like green underline in PCA that triggers adds click here

  Graham. 17:41 15 Sep 07

I think I may be already using that Hosts file. I don't get any green underlines, and any ads appear as 'Cannot display page'. Is there a way to check?

  brundle 17:47 15 Sep 07

look in windows\system32\drivers\etc - if the hosts files is bigger than 1kb you have a non-standard or ad-blocking version.

  Graham. 17:54 15 Sep 07

I have a hosts file of 638KB, and a HOSTS.MVP of 1KB.

  Graham. 17:59 15 Sep 07

The first one tells me it is from MVPS, the second is a sample. So I already have it.

Do I need to do anything, or is it on autopilot?

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