Unusual question.. webcam for terrestrial tank?

  AL47 22:10 18 Mar 11

we have a tank of hermit crabs and would like to setup a webcam to see where we cant see.

im not really sure what to look for as the lighting it would be in is fairly low, [ie camera flash required for pics] but we dont want a 'lit' webcam

does such a device exist? would be nice to get some footage.

  Nontek 22:41 18 Mar 11

The Logitech Pro 9000 is very good in low-light conditions, worth a look I reckon.

click here

  AL47 23:16 18 Mar 11

does seem good, a little overkill on features [like sound, dont need that]

i guess the problem im going to have is .. how low can the light go before it doesnt do very well?

  onionskin 00:20 19 Mar 11

Have you looked at Maplin. I was thinking that one of those CCTV security cameras that have built in infra-red lighting might be just the job. I think they plug into the TV though.

Or try googling 'bird box camera', it gives quite a few results.

  AL47 00:26 19 Mar 11

the annoyance ive found with those is they only seem to be TV, i really just want a USB one so i can record to HDD, but the camera itself is kind of what im looking for

  onionskin 00:34 19 Mar 11

I've just asked Jeeves if crabs are sensetive to infra red light. They recommend applying blue unction to the affected parts. It did produce this link though. click here

  onionskin 00:38 19 Mar 11

There's this one on ebay - click here

  onionskin 00:40 19 Mar 11

...but how would you get the crabs into the box?

  onionskin 00:46 19 Mar 11

Yes, I kow how to spell sensitive!

  onionskin 01:02 19 Mar 11

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