Unused Microsoft Outlook Express 'Reappearing'

Now I am using bt broadband on my XP home system I find that if I want to contact an e-address on a website, the Outlook Express box comes up complete with my old modem e-address.

I thought I had cleared all this out of the when I changed to the bt Yahoo site.

What do I need to do to to make the response box acknowledge my new ISP and e-address please?

  Tj_El 18:34 05 May 04

Normally this setting is found within Internet Explorer under Tools > Internet Options. Select the 'Programs' tab and check which software handles your 'E-Mail'.

If you do not wish to use Outlook Express for this task, select the appropriate one from the list.

In Outlook Express you might want to check under Tools > Accounts. Select the 'Mail' tab and check your email account 'Properties'. Also check the Connection (DialUp) settings under "Tools > Options > Connection" or alternatively from within Internet Explorer under "Tools > Internet options > Connections"


Thanks Tj-EL but I can't find a 'programmes' tab when I click IE 'options'. Any suggestions please? Also, since OE appears to be struck out now I can't recall it to make adjustments.

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