Unused Internet Explorer accumulating temp files

  Fredsone 27 Jun 12


I have Internet Explorer and Firefox running on a Vista Ultimate desktop. I rely on Firefox and seldom use IE (IE is used about once a month). I regularly clean the computer with the "Disc Cleanup" function and with CCleaner.

Does anyone know why IE continues to accumulate Cookies and Temp files even though it is not being used.
When I run the CCleaner analyze function prior to cleaning process, I always see that although IE has not been used it has stored a number of cookies and temp files. Then after the CCleaner clean process the cookies etc are gone.
The longer the time period between a CCleaner analysis and subsiquent cleaning the more cookies etc are accumulated by IE.
IE is set to delete all cookies etc when closed.


  recap 27 Jun 12

You may have Export Cookies to IE selected in Firefox? To check follow the instructions here: http://www.ehow.com/how8738870transfer-cookies-ie-firefox.html

  Fredsone 27 Jun 12

Hi Recap.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I can’t find a function which automatically exports from Firefox to a specific destination like IE.
There is a one off HTML export (to a chosen destination) but that option has to be selected each time an export is needed.

  Batch 27 Jun 12

Your mail client (if you use a Microsoft one) may also share the same temp file areas as IE. I use Outlook Express (under WinXP) and that certainly leads to items in the IE temp files (e.g. from HTML in emails), I guess Windows Mail under later OSs may do something similar.

Also, Windows Update / Microsoft Update use IE (at least in WinXP), even if you use another browser for your own use.


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