unsure of correct vga cable

  Sheps 21:13 14 May 12

hey guys, i have a hp mini 210 and i would like to link it up to a lcd monitor , but am unsure of the correct cable . if any one can link me to the correct one i would be grateful, thanks in advance, Paula

  D@ve 21:47 14 May 12

The specification would imply it has a standard VGA port and will therefore just use a standard VGA cable. There are plenty of these available on eBay such as this one.

  Sheps 22:18 14 May 12

oh brilliant, i did think it was that one, but it was them little screw things that threw me, as i couldnt see where they would go on my mini netbook lol ?? i remember the monitor one having the screwie things lol..but i thought perhaps they had to screw in to a hole on the netbook, and as there is no sign of a hole, thats what made me ask .. thank you

  D@ve 14:32 17 May 12

The screws are just there so you can secure the cable in. Sometimes they don't include the screw holes on small devices for space reasons. Doesn't interfere with how well the cable works, just means if you pull on it then it will come out!

  Sheps 18:35 17 May 12

Cheers for that Dave,I've ordered the ones you linked me to. Thanks for your help Paula


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