Unsuccessful Backup

  JF25 11:29 AM 13 Jul 11

I have attempted to backup my files to a DVD but after a few moments I get a message that my backup was unsuccessful. I do not understand as it appears to start Ok then stops. When I check the content of the DVD there is only about 180mbs of AdminPC and Reinstall on the disk. The back up was the in place of the schedualled one on Windows 7. Should I get an additional Back up programme?. I have never actually had the computer on at the schedualled time so have always missed it.

  Taff™ 12:54 PM 13 Jul 11

Backing up this way is probably never going to work with a DVD. For a start a DVD will only hold 4.7 GB of data and it`s unlikely to fit onto that amount of space! If you intend to use DVD's you might back up just your photo's or music to one disk but even then it probably won't fit onto one DVD these days.

You need to look at backing up to another external source such as a USB external drive.

  David4637 10:24 AM 15 Jul 11

Use Acronis, it costs, but its worth it, when you have all the agro of the other backup progs. David


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