unstable toolbar

  brindly 16:47 05 Jun 11

I have been using Microsoft Office Word for the past 3 years plus and developed the mini toolbar to hold thasauras, envelope printing etc. Saturday I experienced the loss of my internet connection which with the help if the isp was sorted. They asked if we might have had a power surge? the only thing I can recall was my laptop which is on tne sam internet connection suddenly went haywire with pages loading over each other and the mouse pointer rouming all over the screen on its own volition. Anyway I later went to use Word on my desktop only to find the main toolbar not visible unless i pressed one of the headings, when it appeared it covered the mini bar and |I can't get them both together without the main one covering the mini toolbar. Any idea's

  brindly 15:14 07 Jun 11

Solved the problem myself. Just for future reference in case someone else has this problem. On the Quick Access Toolbar click tag, you get a dropdown menu untick Minimize the Ribbon. I don't know why it suddenly became ticked but there you go, computers are strange things.


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