unstable pc

  bendigo 17:11 10 Oct 06

Working on picasa2 today my screen went black and then showed a message saying ther was aboot disc failure and to insert a system recovery disc and press enter. haven't got one. I have the disc which came with my pre-istalled pc. (xp home edition) but this seemed to want to re-install xp, or repair it. Repair did nothing. Re-starting brought up the same message. Eventually I just switched off and started again. Booted o.k. but got a check disc screen. checked all clear and all was well. worked awhile then left pc on unattended for an hour.when the screen lit up there was anew message."Delayed Write Failed--Windows was unable to save all the data for the file C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\DFRGNTFS.EXE-269967DF.pf. The data has been lost This may be caused by a failure of your computer h/ware or net/w connection. please try to save this file elswhere." Where? pc working ok at present.

Any ideas please.

  jimv7 17:23 10 Oct 06

Sounds like a faulty hard drive, back up your files to cd/dvd just in case whilst the computer is still working and you can access your files.

  Graham. 17:41 10 Oct 06

As I understand it, during defragmenting the data is moved about on the hard drive to make a space big enough to put all the related fragments together. Then they are moved again to take up that space.

It may be that during that process the data was unable to be written, and, as it says, it has been lost.

New drive pronto, methinks!

  bendigo 16:49 01 Nov 06

discovered only resort was to re-install from my recovery disc alongside the failed os. It also hastened my purchase of a new pc. An H.P media centre, vista ready. I have transferred my important files and installed my programmes. Old pc will be cleared and re-formatted and given to my niece. As with many new pc's, Norton is installed to pay for later if required. Any opinion on this? I hear some negative remarks about Norton although the test programme I used to probe my defences gave high results in all areas. Your input would be appreciated. ( goes for anyone else too)

  Graham. 17:43 01 Nov 06

Of all the new PC's I've had, I have never activated Norton. AVG, Defender and Spywareblaster have kept me safe.

  bendigo 19:38 01 Nov 06

thanks Graham, do you mean windows defender?

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