unstable monitor?

  Nonnyriley 00:09 16 Apr 03

I would like to ask if anyone can explain a monitor problem I am having:

The right edge of my monitor is unstable and is is constantly moving in a flicker motion. Its not obvious but definetly noticeable. Im not sure if its the graphics card (gf4 mx420 64mb), the connection, monitor (about three years old) or simply a software problem. Its the same at both 800x600 and 1024x768 res. Any ideas?

  Mr Scone 00:32 16 Apr 03

Try upping your refresh rate in display settings - settings - advanced.

If that doesn't solve the problem, do you have any speakers (subwoofer, satlites etc) near the monitor. Something to do with the electromagnetic field given off by speakers can distort the screen.

Or, if you have a power supply (eg extension lead/multisocket) this can have the same effect.

Move any speakers/power supplys away from the monitor

hope this solves your problems


  Nonnyriley 09:38 16 Apr 03

It was caused by my bt modem. thanks alot, my more disorted screen for me :)

  Peter T 17:14 21 Feb 04

I have a similar problem: "wobbly" display, but I've already tried these suggested cures (upping refresh rates, and moving speakers, etc).
Also, it seems to get worse the longer the PC is left on, and it is MORE stable at high res (1024 x 768) than medium (800 x 600) or low (VGA) - I would have thought that if it was a problem with the graphics card, it would be the other way round!

Any ideas, anyone? is it most likely to be the graphics card, or the monitor? (They are both about 4 yeats old, so due for replacement anyway!

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