'Unspecified' folder in windows 7 and 8 libraries?

  theDarkness 19:41 PM 15 Jun 13

Ive just noticed that Libraries/Music has a folder entitled 'Unspecified' and is showing all pictures and videos on 7 and 8. Is this related to indexing or network, and should it be left alone, undeleted? 7 is on the family laptop, 8 desktop. Thanks.

  Woolwell 22:17 PM 15 Jun 13

You are viewing in the music library in album view instead of folder view and W7 puts all of the music that it cannot put in an album in unspecified. Reverting to folder view will remove the folder. Do not delete.

  theDarkness 23:35 PM 17 Jun 13

I thought it might be listing everything non-audio into an 'unrelated' folder too, but I was certain that it was showing misc files such as family photos (located in 'my pictures') in this unspecified music folder, which led me to question it more. Im either mistaken, on not enough-too much caffeine, or its a genuine bug..?.. who knows. Its only showing the non audio files from music now anyway, and have changed the view mode back. Thanks anyway!


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