unshare folders from a disk no longer connected.

  yabadabado 13:58 15 Sep 06

I had some shared folders on a hard disk.
I removed the disk
The folders still appear to be shared under shared folders in comp manager

question is:
How do i remove these shared folders that are no longer available?

  ade.h 14:00 15 Sep 06

Enter the properties of each folder and go to the Sharing tab....

  yabadabado 14:06 15 Sep 06

the folder isnt there, so i cant get to the shareing tab of the folders properties!

  ade.h 14:07 15 Sep 06

Well if the folder isn't there, what's the problem???

  yabadabado 14:12 15 Sep 06

the problem is i want to share a folder using the same name, but i cant- its already taken by the phantom shared folder!

  ade.h 14:14 15 Sep 06

Are you actually referring to share shortcuts in MNP, not to the folders themselves??

  yabadabado 14:23 15 Sep 06

erm might me- depends what MNP is! lol
Basicly if i look at computer manamagement box, then at shared folders->shares the share name, and path are still listed. The actual hard drive that the folder is on, is no longer connected to the computer, there for if the shared folder called pics was at path d:\pictures, and then d drive was removed, the shared name pics is still reserved, but the folder that its pointing to isnt there.

  ade.h 14:36 15 Sep 06

I am surprised that you are using the Computer Management console; it seems a long-winded way of viewing share shortcuts when MNP is just sitting on your Start Menu click here

Why not just delete the share shorcuts from MNP?

  yabadabado 14:48 15 Sep 06

na its not those shortcuts- i can remove them no probs- like you said just hit delete!

ive linked to a dump of what i see- its available
click here

the bit on the left is what i see if i go to properties from MNP.

The right is what i see from computer management ( ive taken off all the other shared folders)

At this present time while taking the screen dump, i DONOT have any drive connected in my computer which has been assigned the letter I. as a result I:\films is not a folder available through my pc.

The folder that isnt there, is still being shared however.

There is a way to unmount the share through command prompt but i cant remember how to do it!

  ade.h 14:53 15 Sep 06

Those entries are there for a good reason, so don't remove the share permissions from any that still exist. For those that do not exist, right-click and select Stop Sharing.

  ade.h 14:55 15 Sep 06

click here is what you'll see on an XP Pro system.

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