unrecognized network error message and failure to see across network

  jcwood 22 Jun 13

the problem i'm trying to figure is out is why REC-PC-1 and FRONT-DESK-PC won't connect to the network after i have assigned fixed IPS. I have 2 x routers, a talktalk technicolor router for my IP phones and the 2nd is a netgear router for my network PCS and printers

If i set the DHCP to ON on both routers I can get FRONT-DESK PC online but not connected to the network. message is cable unplugged.

REC-1-PC could get online and on the network previously but now it says unrecognised network. no matter if i have both routers as DHCP ON

the technicolor router cannot be set to DHCP OFF - If i choose custom set up the router will not authenticate so i have to leave DHCP on

i've tried swapping the DSL lines, deleting all devices and setting up again on the netgear router table and having only 1 router on for phones and PCs together and there is always some connection problem or network problem

i've checked the ethernet points with different cables and sometimes its shows the connection is fine and then other days it shows unknown network. i also have a 48 port switch with a fixed IP assigned to the PCs router FRONT-DESK-PC REC-PC-2 REC-PC-1 48-PORT-SWITCH

FRONT-DESK-PC is running windows XP REC-PC-1 cannot access the internal network or reach internet. REC-PC-2 can reach network and internet

if i Ping the PCs i get packets sent 4, packets reached 4 , packets lost 0

any advice on how to get past the unrecognized network message and have all 3 x pcs seeing each other on the network would be really appreciated!




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